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South Florida Emergency Care Services at Memorial Hospital Pembroke

Around-the-Clock Emergency Care for South Florida

Memorial Hospital Pembroke Emergency Department is staffed by board-certified physicians and highly trained support staff.

With Memorial Hospital Pembroke health care, you can expect personal attention and high-quality emergency care, from ankle sprains to heart attacks. Our Emergency Department is fully staffed, 24 hours a day, by physicians who are board certified in emergency care medicine along with nurses that have obtained specialized emergency care training.

What Happens When I Get to the Emergency Room?

Triage is the process through which your Emergency Department team will sign you into our advanced computer system and ask you specific questions about your injury or illness.

Our registration team, working with our registered nurses and your emergency technicians or paramedics, will help you complete this process. Triage may take a bit longer as the Emergency Department becomes busier. We appreciate your patience in times of high volume.

When Will I Be Seen?

All of our patients are important, but please understand that they are treated according to their medical needs — and not always in the order of their arrival at the Emergency Department. Our qualified RNs review all patients to determine those who may need treatment more quickly than others. Based on the severity of their symptoms and any potential life-threatening conditions, patients who sign in after you may actually be seen first.

Typically, the Emergency Department is much busier in the afternoons and evenings. But no matter when you visit us, we will work hard to provide you with outstanding care in a timely manner.

When Can I Go Home?

Following your treatment, Memorial Hospital Pembroke’s Emergency Department will either discharge you or admit you to the hospital for further care.

Discharge – After your care is completed, your physician has reviewed your healthcare information and your condition has stabilized, you may be discharged to home. This process involves providing instructions specific to your diagnosis, the prescription medications the doctor gives you, and any follow-up information you’ll need after you get home.

Admission to the Hospital – Your emergency doctor may decide your condition will be better served by admitting you to our hospital, either for treatment or for further observation. If you need to stay with us, we will:

  • Contact your primary care physician or the physician who is on call according to your insurance plan
  • Obtain a set of admission orders specific to your injury or illness
  • Identify the appropriate unit that will best serve your needs
  • Transport you to a room when a bed becomes available


Is Your Doctor a Memorial Doctor?
To find a physician who is committed to South Florida healthcare services, call Memorial Physician Referral Service toll-free at (800) 944-DOCS. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.